"That'd be Kim Possible; she can do anything. Look us up online, we're worldwide, baby!"


so I’m just gonna use Chelsea’s post as an example to make this one bc I suck at intro stuff-s (btw HELLO CHELSEA♥) if you can’t tell, I’m a new mod! 
  • hi there my name is Masooma & I’m a 17 year old high school seniorrr
  • I’m in a million fandoms from harry potter to kim possible to atla to thg to vampire academy and a bunch more ;p 
  • Kim Possible became on of my favorite shows the minute I saw the first episode :3 I was always really fascinated by people who did gymnastics and cheerleading and then kp came on and I was like !!!!
  • my favorite character is Ronnn♥ and my favorite minor character is Yori!
  • if you’ve noticed by now I’m not as put together when writing like Chelsea and Courtney are x) I don’t know if it’s because I’m younger or just kinda silly ;P either way please don’t expect my posts to be deep or well thought out because my feelings usually just come out as asdfasdfj;las oMG a;sldkf WHAT DID THAT JUST O H MY LORD
  • you’ll probably see oh my lord a lot in my tags and “jesus!” even tho I’m not Christian but who cares about that
  • I kinda just flail. through my tags. a lot. I might write paragraphs flailing in my tags. so look out for it~
  • ask if you have any questions please!

so I’m looking forward to helping run this blog - hope you don’t hate me already ;*  

omg this gif is so fast why didn’t I fix that before

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