"That'd be Kim Possible; she can do anything. Look us up online, we're worldwide, baby!"

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  ((Welcome back! :) What had happened to you? ))

Oh gosh, it’s been quite an interesting past few months, and I won’t get into the gritty details because that doesn’t fit the tone / purpose of this blog.

I can’t say I’ll be posting consistently because my computer with Photoshop and KP episodes is back at my parents’ house, but whenever I get a chance to go over there, I’ll try and gif some stuff. 

Anyways, I also have a busy, inconsistent work schedule, I’m starting school in a little over a week, not to mention a series of explosive relationship issues to deal with, so time isn’t as easy to grasp as it used to be. But I’m working on it,

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  What happened with the polls?

Currently suffering from a computer crisis, things have gotten a bit thrown off course. I can’t give an accurate estimate as to when I can gif again, but I have a fair amount of spare time this weekend so fingers crossed.

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We interrupt your daily broadcast to bring you a special announcement: THE Mark McCorkle follows the official possiblegifs twitter. Thank you for listening.

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Possible Madness [Round 1]
Mr. Nakasumi vs. Josh Mankey | vote
Hana Stoppable vs. Wade | vote

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Possible Madness [Round 1]
Professor Dementor vs. Bonnie Rockwaller | vote
Ned vs. Nana Possible | vote

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So, do we just send you who we like better for each pair?

I’m using an online polling system. I’ll have links up for them once I’ve created them.

Great question, I probably should have included this!

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Possible Madness

Ah yes, March Madness, love it or hate it, brackets and gambling are fun (there’s also the How I Met Your Mother Episode where Barney makes the bracket of girls he’s slept with to find out who’s ruining his life, and that was my main source of inspiration for this)

Ahem, I have assembled 52 characters to compete for a winning spot as the allegedly greatest Kim Possible character. I have not included every character in the history of the show, just the ones who I found to be more memorable even if they only appeared once or twice. Polls will be opened at / around midnight tonight (Arizona time, I don’t know anything about daylight savings or time zones for that matter) and will remain open until the very second I get home from work Sunday night (approximately 11 pm Arizona time).

Below is the list of round 1 competitors if you guys want to do some sort of bracket challenge. Maybe I will conjure up some sort of prize for anyone with a perfect bracket if you guys want to send me your predictions.

I’m also in the process of making some gifsets to accompany the polls. Have fun and best of luck to your favorite!

Using a randomly put together list and a random number generator, here is your round 1 line-up:

(01) Professor Dementor vs. Bonnie Rockwaller

(02) Ned vs. Nana Possible

(03) Mr. Nakasumi vs. Josh Mankey

(04) Hana Stoppable vs. Wade

(05) Yori vs. Hego

(06) Justine Flanner vs. Brick Flagg

(07) Ron Stoppable vs. Prince Wally

(08) Will Du vs. Commodore Puddles

(09) Wego Twins vs. James Possible

(10) Motor Ed vs. Jack Hench

(11) Camille Leon vs. Kim Possible

(12) Ann Possible vs. Frugal Lucre

(13) Monkey Fist vs. Shego

(14) Señor Senior Junior vs. Gemini

(15) Adrena Lynn vs. Britina

(16) MC Honey vs. Jim & Tim Possible

(17) Artie Smarty vs. Amy Hall

(18) Duff Killigan vs. Slim Possible

(19) Mama Lipsky vs. Joss Possible

(20) Zita Flores vs. Felix Renton

(21) Tara vs. Steve Barkin

(22) Rufus vs. Martin Smarty

(23) Gemini vs. Dr. Drakken

(24) Monique vs. Larry

(25) Señor Senior Senior vs. Betty Director

(26) Gill vs. Mego

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Possible Madness begins tonight, get your ballots ready and place your bets while I generate this poll and figure out how many characters to include.

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